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CPR Video

Disque Foundation Infant CPR Video Series

Introduction to Infant CPR

Chest Compressions in Infant CPR

Giving Breaths in Infant CPR

Step-by-Step Infant CPR Instructions

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Before you start CPR

  1. Make sure area is safe, if not, move infant to a safe location

  2. Check the infant's responsiveness by flicking the bottom of the foot.

  3. Ask a bystander to call 911, then check the infant's breathing.

  4. If you are alone with the infant but have a cell phone call 911, then check the infant's breathing.

  5. If you are alone with the infant without a cell phone, then check the infant's breathing.

  6. Check infant’s Breathing – check for 5 seconds or less. If no breathing or gasping for air, the infant needs CPR

  7. Place infant on its back on a flat, firm surface

  8. Remove clothes from the infant's chest.

  1. Use 2 fingers on 1 hand to give 30 chest compressions by pushing straight down about 1 ½ inches at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute.

  2. Allow the chest to come back up to the normal position after each compression.

  3. After 30 chest compressions, open the infant's airway by tilting head and lifting the chin, then give 2 breaths.

  4. Put 1 hand on forehead and fingers of other hand on bony part of infant’s chin.

  5. Bring head back and lift chin.

  6. While the infant's airway is open, cover the infant's mouth and noise with your mouth and give 2 breaths.

  7. Blow for 1 second for each breath and watch for the infant’s chest to rise

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Start CPR

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